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The Cayuga & District Chamber of Commerce (Cayuga Chamber) is a non-profit organization. Our membership is comprised of 86 innovative business leaders and enthusiastic volunteers; dedicated to providing valuable goods and services to all of Haldimand County and beyond.

We are the voice for Cayuga business at both the local and county level.

We take our responsibility of effective communication very seriously while we meet the challenging needs of our beautiful rural community. For 30 years, we have nurtured a creative and safe environment for healthy commerce to thrive.

Through active and engaged leadership, we strive to have a positive impact on the economic landscape in Haldimand County.


To achieve this vision, we actively engage our members:

in strengthening our community connections at monthly networking meetings

improving business connections through our updated website and business directory

nurturing our thriving Facebook community with a reach that extends beyond Haldimand County

offering accessible equipment such as tent, BBQ, and sign that support business events

Our members are readily:

organizing community events that provide the opportunity to promote products and services through participation, advertising and partnerships

generating new community beautification projects that preserve Cayuga’s scenic landscape

promoting Haldimand County visitors to make a pit stop at Cayuga’s Tourism Booth

creating cooperative marketing opportunities that provide large scale advertising benefits to smaller businesses

Our members continue to realize our vision by:

participating in an active and engaged executive committee

including Cayuga Secondary School Youth Representative on our executive committee

proudly partnering with Haldimand County on their community improvement and tourism initiatives


Ultimately, it is the people that live here and the innovative businesses they create that make our community a dynamic destination for visitors to explore.

Our amazing Members generously invest their wealth of expertise so that all of Cayuga can experience the benefits of a healthy Chamber of Commerce. We genuinely care about this beautiful community we proudly call home.


You are invited to join us in making that positive economic impact in the Village of Cayuga.

New Members are always welcome!